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EXCELLENT SECURITY NETWORK SDN BHD is a security services provider company in malaysia. Our organization consists of retired police officers, leading company directors and men with experience in security work. Our personnel’s are constantly trained on best practices to ensure effectiveness and consistency in services provided to our clients.


We are a fast growing security agency offering high quality services throughout Malaysia. The rising standard of living in this part if the world necessitates top notch security services to keep cash and valuables safe. We offer protection against robbery and provide specialized security services for the safety and security of your valuables. Our passion is protecting our clients through the services of our highly trained and professional personnel. We are reliable and are dedicated to the observance of the highest security standards.


Expert Security believes that meeting the security requirements of all areas in Malayisa requires more than just providing guard services. We also focus on technical and intelligence supports for safety measures. Security planning and supervision, advisory services on prevention and protection and the use of safety equipment and electronic security system all constitute important components of our protection and safeguarding strategies and measures.